Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chickens, Eggs, Land, Jobs--All the Same to Rocky

If you're looking for an "emblematic statement" which kinda sums up the problem, look here:

"Real estate creates jobs,"
...Rocky Marcoux, City of Milwaukee DCD Commissioner.
OK, here's the context of the statement. It doesn't make it all that much better, but we're fair:
The city has never had a comprehensive plan in its history, Marcoux said. But such a plan is under way and will be ready by 2010, he said.

Marcoux added that the city engaged in real estate development "for its own sake" under previous mayors, but Barrett has changed those priorities. Marcoux cited several industrial expansion projects that will create jobs through land deals, involving such companies such as Manpower Inc., Direct Supply Inc. and DRS Technologies Inc. "Real estate creates jobs," he said.
Rocky, baby--take your common-sense pill.
Neither you nor Tom Barrett are "creating jobs through land deals." You're merely attempting to pull the jobs into the City of Milwaukee (or keep them there in the first place.) "Land deals" did not "create jobs" at Manpower, nor Direct Supply, nor DRS.
Demand for the product or service is usually followed by increased profitable sales, then some combination of payroll growth and capital investment to meet the growth in demand at a profit.
Oh, well.
There will be more on this story.

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