Friday, November 03, 2006

Chavez' Re-Election Numbers

In another Poll of Interest:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's lead over his main rival ahead of the Dec. 3 presidential election narrowed in October to 4 percentage points in polling by Caracas-based public opinion research company AKSA Partners.

Chavez, who had the support of 52 percent of those polled compared with 48 percent for opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, has seen his lead dwindle from 13 points in September, AKSA President Alfredo Keller said. AKSA's poll, which assumed just two candidates, is the only one of five released in the past two weeks that shows Rosales gaining on Chavez

Look for Rosales to "disappear" should the numbers become an embarrassment to Hugo.

HT: RedState


St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I doubt that the opposition would suddenly disappear, but look for a manufactured conspiracy involving the candidate and "american backers". That should be enough to scuttle any oppposition

Jay wise said...

A little disingenuous quoting of the article, when the other polls mentioned show Chavez leading Rosales about 59% to 24%, though, eh? Especially when AKSA is owned by a member of the Venezuelan opposition and its polls have time and time again failed to match the actual results by quite dramatic margins... This is quite clearly an attempt to discredit the results of the election (which all sensible international observers are certain Chavez will win comfortably, for the simple reason that he is massively popular).