Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bp. Sklba in the National Limelight

When CNS quotes you, a lot of people know what you've said.

Thus it's helpful if what you've said demonstrates you understand the munus of teaching.

Sklba typically uses the plastic Playskool wrench from his depleted theological tool-kit to loosen some of the hex nuts at the junctural points of Catholic doctrine, then never quite gets around to snugging them up again in the space of his essay.

...The questions Sklba raises point to perfectly kosher theological problems. But they have perfectly kosher doctrinal answers, and these are not forthcoming. Reading his remarks from the viewpoint of the Catholic faithful, do you feel you've been given something, or do you feel you've had something taken away?

In Milwaukee, unfortunately, that's not a rhetorical question--it gets a sad, affirmative nod.

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