Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Assaulting the Rule of Law: Shirley Abrahamson

Screechin'Shirley is doing her level best to simply eliminate respect for the rule of law in the State of Wisconsin.

Having determined that the State Election Board's action re: the Green funds-transfer was indefensible (that is, that DarthDoyle's boyzzz decided wrongly), Screech and her faithful lapdog Ms. Brady, plus Louis Butler (the legal cipher) and Pat Crooks (a victim of blackmail), delayed a decision.

They could only find FOR Green--meaning that DarthDoyle would lose what remains of his face--so they colluded to not find at all.

How does the right-thinking citizen now assess SCOWI? How does one assess their legitimacy as a Court--aside from the obvious comparison to a bench with a majority of baboons? And how does one assess the validity of their decisions?

What signal does this send to businessmen? Professionals? Taxpayers?

And what does one do, given the signs of the times?

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JMW's DAD said...

The Doyle administration continues to amaze...Play for Pay...Rig the election board (in broad daylight)...and now the SCOW...God help us if he is re-elected!!! With
his unabashed lack of any moral sense whatsoever...I wounder even if J.B v in the AG office if it will even give them pause to think??? Wisconsin the new Lousiania under the Longs!!!