Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Suggestion for Mark Green's Gubernatorial Agenda

Here's a good thing from Texas:

In the state of Texas, parents are now required to “sign off” on their teenager’s abortion before she can have one, [and] they must also get the form notarized. The requirement ensures that the form is not manipulated by forgery. The Texas Medical Board finalized the parental consent form last week for women under 18 seeking an abortion. This new law may hopefully prevent abortion employees from violating the rights of parents, pregnant teens and the unborn.

The new forms also include information about the medical risks of an abortion and provide other “right to know” information to women that abortion centers are not likely to tell them.

Makes sense to me.

You'll hear a LOT of screeching and yowling (beastly noise) when he proposes this one...

HT: Cosmos Liturgy

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Billiam said...

I wonder how it will fair in the courts, as surely that's where it'll wind up. Trust the ACLU for that.