Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beware of Numbers-Crunchers

Often, we read statistics and are enamored. They are The Numbers!

So, via this month's Gilbert! magazine, from Frank Petta, a reminder:

Three statisticians went bow-hunting. After arriving in the woods and setting up, a 12-point buck came into view just 50 yards away.

The first statistician carefully aimed and let fly his arrow---which landed 10 yards left of the deer.

The second statistician carefully aimed and let fly his arrow--which landed 10 yards right of the deer.

The third statistician began jumping up and down, yelling "We got him!!! We got him!!!"


Billiam said...

Thanks Dad, I needed the laugh!

Rick Lugari said...


triticale said...

Unfortunately, on the way back to their car from their hunting stand, they drowned in a lake an average of one inch deep.