Thursday, September 07, 2006

Doyle's College Sham? Or Just More Spending?

Ol' Jimbo, the resident liar in OUR Executive Mansion, secures an apparently meaningless agreement:

Gov. Jim Doyle and leaders of the state's public and private colleges and universities agreed Wednesday on a framework for the Wisconsin Covenant program, which would guarantee eighth-graders who maintain a B average and stay out of trouble admission to one of those schools in four years.

Under the program, recommended by Doyle in January, eighth-grade students would be able to sign a Covenant Scholar pledge next spring. If they fulfill their end of the deal, they would get financial aid - either grants or a combination of grants and work-study programs - to help pay for their higher education.

We know of NO colleges which will deny admission to a "B" average student who has a clean background, with the possible exception of Lawrence.

Here's the curious part:

Next year, the governor elected on Nov. 7 and the Legislature must fund the program as part of the 2007-'09 state budget for it to be fully implemented, officials said.

Interesting that no details are presented, eh? What more "funding" is required?


Anonymous said...

10 million $$$$$$$$ per year.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm - not yet appropriated by the Legislature.
No big deal. He'll probably just take it from the transportation fund....

Andrew said...

hahahahahaha! this reminds me of the chris rock skit...

blacks vs. n***ers (or at least that's what i know it as).

part of it is how the 2nd group want to be rewarded for doing things they are supposed to do. an example he cites is taking care of your children. you're supposed to take care of your children!

just like you're SUPPOSED to stay out of trouble.

i'm at an out of state highly-ranked engineering college. i don't get jack for being an overachiever.