Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plumbers' Local: Illegal Means ILLEGAL!

Last night's Channel 4 news told us that Plumbers' Local 75 will not participate in the annual Labor Day festivities at the Summerfest grounds.

They object to the AFL-CIO's inviting the Usual Suspects for Illegals--Voces de la Frontera.

In a refreshingly frank statement, Fred Greb said "The Labor Day parade represents America's labor and somebody's taken upon themselves to force a political agenda," ..."I think there's a right way of doing things and the right path to citizenship is one of those things,"

What makes us think that Fred cuts his own lawn?


jp said...

I wonder how many of Fred’s dollars pay for services supplied and products produced by undocumented human beings?

Dad29 said...

Who knows?

Illegal MEANS Illegal.

jp said...

Are consumers complicit in this illegal situation?

Dad29 said...

As usual, your use of English is horribly imprecise.

I have no friggin' idea what you mean to ask.