Thursday, August 10, 2006

Will DHS Abandon "PC"? and The Real Date

Not that common sense ever prevailed in the Department of Homeland "Security", but this graph from news reports on the latest terrorism attempt deserves attention:

...Heathrow Sky News' Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said he had been told the threat was imminent and those arrested were mainly young, British-born Asian men.

"Asian" means what? Pakistani? Middle Eastern? Indonesian?

Regardless of the precise meaning of the term "Asian," it is clear that these scumbag Islamics are NOT "European" nor "African."

Certainly, that means that our Moronic DHS Chieftans (read: Mikie Chertoff) will stop undressing Aryan grannies at the airports, right?

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And from Malkin:

Two men were charged Wednesday with money laundering in support of terrorism after authorities said they found airplane passenger lists and information on airport security checkpoints in their car.

Deputies stopped Osama Sabhi Abulhassan, 20, and Ali Houssaiky, 20, both of
Dearborn, Mich., on a traffic violation Tuesday and found the flight documents along with $11,000 cash and 12 phones in their car, Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks said.

Hmmmmm....not Sven and Gustav?

Finally, from NeoContastic, the MORE likely date for activating the plan to destroy 4000 passengers, numerous planes, and perhaps a few cities along the way:

Scholar Warns Iran's Ahmadinejad May Have 'Cataclysmic Events' In Mind For August 22

It may even have a date, indicated by several references by the Iranian president to giving his final answer to the US about nuclear development by Aug. 22," which this year corresponds "to the 27th day of the month of Rajab of the year 1427.

This, by tradition, is the night when many Muslims commemorate the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to 'the farthest mosque,' usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven and back (c.f., Koran XVII.1)."This might well be deemed an appropriate date for the apocalyptic ending of Israel and if necessary of the world. It is far from certain that Mr. Ahmadinejad plans any such cataclysmic events precisely for Aug. 22. But it would be wise to bear the possibility in mind."

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