Thursday, August 10, 2006

JB v. Bucher, Round One


Paul's been coached: talk louder, talk faster, overtalk...


Most of what I heard concentrated on Bucher attempting to get JB VanHollen to reveal National Security information on "the location of terrorist training" in Wisconsin. Frankly, this doesn't make Bucher sound particularly intelligent--unless he thinks he's working for the NY Slimes, which he is not.

However, while we're on the topic, perhaps Mr. Bucher would like to read the newspaper. A couple of YOUNG MUSLIM MALES were detained in Ohio, in possession of $11K in cash, a bunch of passenger manifests from airlines, a number of pre-paid cellphones, and some Mary Jane.

They were from Dearborn and were graduates of "Hizbollah" High school (F/K/A Fordson High.)

If Mr. Bucher insists that there IS no "terrorism" activity, whatsoever, in the State of Wisconsin, he is an idiot.

If Mr. Bucher insists that JB Van Hollen reveal information that the Federal prosecutors have on such activity in Wisconsin, he is a fool.

Either way, Mr. Bucher should re-think his Yappy Doggie approach on this particular issue.

UPDATE: Wiggy has all the dish gathered on this post. The comments generally reflect my views.


James Wigderson said...

I think there was a plan to draw out Van Hollen and show he's not the calm, cool and collected type either. It worked.

Dad29 said...

Only heard about 5 minutes of the first segment (ending 9:20 AM.)

Real life interfered. See edit to post, however.

Anonymous said...

Bucher was embarrassing in the debate. You have this right. He was obnoxious, interrupted repeatedly, talked over VH, and sounded like a child. He was obnoxious. He knows he is losing, the money race, VH is campaigning in his backyard, and so Paul is getting desparate. Very sad.