Thursday, August 10, 2006

Milwaukee: Heretics, Poncho Ladies, and Cindy Sheehan, Too! in Early November

Once again, Milwaukee will host a group of aging heretics, which should give the Milwaukee JS religion reporter a busy weekend, beginning on All Souls' Day (11/2) and ending 11/4.

Under the name "Call to Action," this group has been subverting the Catholic Church for a number of years, initially encouraged by Cdl. Dearden of Detroit, then by Cdl. Jos. Bernardin of Chicago. They were evicted from Chicago by Cdl. George, but found refuge here in Milwaukee because Abp. Weakland was/is a sympathizer.

Abp. Dolan has chosen not to make an issue of their appearance here...

Since Call to Action cannot find young members who are (at least nominally) within the Church in great numbers, they have chosen to expand their subversive activities; this year they will present an award to Cindy Sheehan.


We know you need scheduling information.

Daniel Helminiak, Mary Hunt, and Joan Chittister will explore Satanic Theological Theories on Friday.

Spiritus Christi Church, Robert Blair Kaiser, Tom Sweetser, Dignity USA leaders, All Saints Choir, and Cindy Sheehan will be speaking (or singing, I guess) on Saturday.

Sunday morning? Roman Catholic Women Priests!!

At one time, Tom Sweetser identified himself as a Jesuit and was on the faculty of Marquette High here in Milwaukee. Mary Hunt has been notorious for a LONG time, principally for her cockamamie "wymmins" thoughts--as is the case with Joan Chittister. "Spiritus Christi Church" is headed by some priest who apostatized (New York State, if memory serves) and took a few folks with him. Recent reports tell us that many of his followers have left and returned to the actual Roman Catholic Church.

The Poncho Ladies (erroneously called Roman Catholic Women Priests) will wear their ponchos and play-act for a while. Perhaps Ms. Vandenberg will give them tours of Waukesha afterwards.

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