Saturday, August 05, 2006

Are McCann('t) and Hegarty Promoting Vigilantism?

One suspects that these cases are only the tip of the iceberg. Is it the case that Law and Order in Milwaukee is now only available on Cable TV?

At what point in time will there be a critical-mass psychology transformation in place which will drive City residents toward 'taking care of the problems' by themselves, (given that most City residents can't simply pack up and move)?

Sure, this is anecdotal--for the time being, anyway.

If I were McCann('t) and Hegarty, I'd have the flacks working 24/7 on "it's the COURTS, stupid!" stories.

Of course, that completes the Iron Triangle. The DA won't charge; the cops won't investigate and/or protect, and the Courts issue "remember bench" punishments.

To repeat: at what point in time will vigilantism become the inexorable conclusion for residents who can't take it anymore?

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