Saturday, August 05, 2006

John Bartlett--Dipwad, First Order

Whatever John Bartlett was at one time, he's a dipshit now.

Duhhhh...trying to purchase weapons from an FFL dealer while under indictment? A pup-gun, no less? A very concealable handgun?

Duhhhh....trying to purchase a few hundred rounds of ammo from an FFL dealer while under indictment?

They guy shoulda NEVER been hired by the Milwaukee cop-shop. It's clear that their hiring practices leave a lot to be desired. And don't try to tell me that you need a pshrink to figure out that you have a dipshit filling out the application blank. All you need is a normal human being and halfway-decent reference checking to understand that this guy is a wacko.


Now it's off to the FFL to purchase a brick of .22LR and a few dozen .30-06 rounds....

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