Friday, August 04, 2006

On Milwaukee's "Catch-and-Release" Problem

The finger-pointing continues, of course.

So I inquired about the Milwaukee Mess from a good source: a retired copper who did NOT work in the Milwaukee PD. He had several experience with the Milwaukee County DA's office, however, in cross-jurisdictional criminal investigations.

His opinion: the Milwaukee DA's office is the problem.

His educated guess: the DA basically "triaged" the perp's 'stolen auto' case to the bottom of the pile. In Milwaukee, stolen cars get about as much attention from the DA's office as do stolen candy bars.

(Ain't THAT sweet!?)

Frankly, my dear, the DA's office doesn't give a damn.

But that's not all, as Sykes highlighted this morning.

The Boyzz have a bit more:

...there is one person still waiting to be talked to as the folks paid to serve and protect point fingers at each other: the young woman whose car was ripped off. The woman, who says she was willing to give police a statement that could have kept Gray locked up, is still waiting for her phone to ring.

"They said they would contact me, or victim-witness or somebody would contact me," said Heather, a 29-year old Janesville woman. "Nobody's called."

There's a reason for that, Heather. They've covered themselves in shit:

When the women woke up that morning, they found DG's house had been broken into and their car keys, $50, Heather's 2005 Chrysler Pacifica and DG's 2003 Pontiac Grand Am were all gone.

They called police, who showed up four hours later, and who, both women say, treated them more like suspects than victims.

The detectives went so far as to invent their own scenario, DG said, suggesting that the sisters had invited strange men home and that the men took the cars. The cops said the burglary was a ruse so their regular boyfriends wouldn't get mad, DG recalled.

"They said, 'Are you sure you didn't bring somebody home from the bar?' " Heather said. " 'Are you sure you weren't drunk and gave the keys to somebody?' "

Amazingly, the comments from the detectives came after Gray was arrested in the Pacifica, DG wrote to Hegerty. DG also noted that she had found her Pontiac without police help, near Gray's home.

Perhaps the slogan should be: "We Protect And Serve our Own Asses."

Ditto the ADA, who STILL hasn't explained how she could let this vermin go...

Perhaps it's what the shrinks call "learned behavior." The DA won't prosecute, so the coppers basically won't arrest/investigate.

Why bother?

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