Sunday, June 04, 2006

Contrast: Spice Boyzzz v. Jessica

See, pilgrim, SOME things are news, and OTHER things are...well...NOT news.

From Jessica:

If you read mainstream media accounts, you would have no clue that the Milwaukee Police Association showed up at Gov. Doyle's press conference Friday at Milwaukee City Hall on violence. And you'd have no clue that they weren't allowed in the room.

That's right. In a public building at a press conference on giving Milwaukee police more money, reporters were let inside but the nine Milwaukee police officers who showed up were stopped at the door.

Now let us turn to the SpiceBoyzz:

Reynolds, as he had several times in the past, reserved the Firefly Room at the Wauwatosa Public Library for a town hall meeting on May 9. A handful of people showed up, and it was business as usual - until Jennifer Morgan, a former auto mechanic, walked in with her camera.

...Reynolds and Morgan continued their spat as the camera rolled, with the senator repeating that he would not allow filming in the public library and Morgan charging Reynolds didn't believe in the Constitution.

Reynolds allows those who disagree with him to enter the room--and at least speaks with them.

BagManJim? Nope. You can't come in the ROOM, much less debate.

Sounds familiar, eh?

"For the first six months of Jim Doyle's administration, I don't think he even knew the Legislature existed," said Assembly Majority Leader Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem), who is in line to become Assembly speaker next year if Republicans keep control after the November election.

"The governor really had no interest in dealing with the Legislature at all, and hearing or communicating with us at all," Huebsch said. "When there's communication, you have greater success. You don't see the confrontation as much."

Instead of negotiating with legislators, vetoes seem to be Doyle's preferred "mode of communication," Huebsch said.

Kinda makes you think of the Wizard of Oz...BagMan's Alternative Universe--where there is no opposition, largely because he simply won't allow them in his presence.

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