Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Orleans Fascism To Continue

Why in blazes this swampland is a "destination city" is beyond imagination:

Gun rights activists were up in arms Friday after New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley said he would confiscate weapons should disaster strike.

In an interview with WWL Radio, Riley said his officers would seize guns from people on the streets if another storm was to hit New Orleans.

“During a circumstance like that, we cannot allow people to walk the street carrying guns…as law enforcement officers we will confiscate the weapon if a person is walking down the street and they may be arrested,” Riley said.

This assumes that 'walking the street' with a weapon demonstrates criminal intent, or is ipso facto criminal activity. What about the possibility that it's your own damn street and you're walking in front of your own house--as part of a neighborhood "block watch" effort?

The National Rifle Association sued the city and forced it to return hundreds of guns, after officers seized them during Katrina. Gun rights activists were once again outraged by Riley's comments.

(If all one reads is MSM, by the way, you might not have known about the NRA's success in this lawsuit...)

”It’s shocking, there's nothing about a police chief's opinion that gives them a super sized authority to throw the constitution out the window,” said NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne Lapierre.

During Katrina, state law gave the chief the authority to take guns during an emergency. Since then lawmakers have re-written the law, making it a crime, one they said the chief was threatening to commit.

“He does not have the right to confiscate their firearms, nobody in this country does, that's why we have a 2nd amendment to our constitution,” said Scalise.

Some folks still think that the 2nd Amendment is written to protect hunters and MAYBE for self-defense, if you have a "Mother, May-I" permission slip.

Does this NOPD Chief resemble Screechin'Shirley Abrahamson, Queen of Hearts?

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Cincinnatus said...

"Fascist" is an appropriate label for a Police Chief who, aware that he DOES NOT have the authority to confiscate citizens' legally owned weapons - because state statutes and the state constitution specifically FORBID such action - says he's gonna do it anyway.

That neither the Governor of LA, the LA Attorney General, nor the Mayor of New Orleans or the NO Police Commissioner have seen fit to call this Rogue Chief to account is outrageous!

People of New Orleans: When the chief law enforcement officer of your city can proclaim, publicly, that he will not only not enforce the law, but has chosen to break it - and to order his subordinates to break it - the Rule Of Law does not prevail. Your Police Chief has already told you that you cannot expect him or his officers to protect you. Now, he tells you that he will remove your ability to protect yourselves.

Are you just going to sit there and LET him?

Anonymous said...

fascist? hardly

PERHAPS the correct descriptor is: FELON

Anonymous said...

Lets think in the abstract, with an eye to history.

If an armed representative of the government approached me with the intent of violating the law, to disarm me in time of crisis, is it wrong to resist, and with all appropriate force?

Citizen patriots did just that at Lexington and Concord. I see no difference than when the redcoats marched out of Boston in order to seize the militia's arms. Well, OK there is one difference. The militias were arming against the redcoats. In New Orleans, the cops are armed against people who just want to defend themselves.

I hope they do.