Sunday, December 04, 2005

Concealed Carry Nears

Despite the absence of TeeBee, Owen, Sean, GBFan, and other Badger Bloggers, the Oshkosh gunshow was quite a success--especially for the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association.

During the show on Saturday, volunteers from all over the State of Wisconsin manned a booth and successfully solicited show attendees to send postcards to their Wisconsin legislators (principally Sens. Roessler, Ellis, Lasee, Olsen and Cowles) and Reps, (principally Owens and Underheim.) There were quite a few others who got postcards.

We were surprised at the number of people who willingly wrote their postcards--having worked a couple of shows in the Milwaukee area, it seemed as though the percentage of people who sent cards was much higher in Oshkosh than in the Milwaukee shows--a good sign.

Most all of the people who talked with us knew exactly who the problem is--BagManJimbo--and expected a veto and a subsequent override vote.

This brings up an interesting question.

Last time, the override was defeated by only one vote--a co-sponsor of the legislation (Sherman) reversed his vote and upheld Doyle's veto. Speculation was that BagMan was going to reward Sherman in some way. To date, he has not done so, at least overtly.

Looks like a broken promise, eh?

Pols read the polls. The Democrats all know that BagMan is in trouble statewide and that a strong Republican candidate will take him on. With one year to go before the election, some of the legislative Democrats have to be asking "Why should I support BagMan as his administration lurches toward its end?"

Why, indeed?

It may happen on the Concealed Carry; it may happen on Med Malpractice; it may happen on Gas Tax Indexing--but at some point, soon, the Dems will begin to leap from the decks of what is obviously the Titanic.

This will be fun to watch.

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