Sunday, December 04, 2005

Journal-Sentinel Omits Some Details

...and the details are significant.

The JS story about Marine Sgt. Andy Stevens NEVER mentions the following facts:

Sgt. Stevens had deployed to Iraq twice previously. He was the oldest of the group that died on Thursday at age 29 though not the most senior because he had left the Marine Corps for a few years and then returned to serve again after the WTC/Pentagon attacks. He was a brilliant individual who had a passion for training Marines and believed in what he was doing. Though possessing no formal training in the field, Sgt. Stevens had become an acknowledged expert on computer based tactical decision simulations and trained many Marines and civilian contractors how to use them.

Granted that the JS apparently did not have access to the author of the above (who requested anonymity,) but Sgt Stevens' re-up to the USMC was motivated by patriotism.

Semper Fi--and in Paradisum deducant te angeli, Sergeant.

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