Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Left, Confused, Collapsing

For you who think that the Pubbies are having problems, take a look at this entry from Milwaukee's far-left loonybin Watchdog Milwaukee. Heh.

The blogger does raise an interesting question: why doesn't the Democrat mainstream pay any attention to Russ Feingold, easily the most anti-military sitting Senator?

My guess: Russ Feingold has won his seat by pretending to be a "maverick." (Michels lost because Michels would NOT do so.) But Feinie's "maverick-ism" doesn't play too well with the DNC boys--after all, the Party Unity crap weighs heavily as an obligation.

So can Feinie actually secure a nomination?

Only if HRC self-detonates. Feinie picked the wrong year.

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