Monday, October 03, 2005

Pile-On. GWB is Really a GHWB Plant

Only the explicit endorsement of the publisher at Regnery kept me from joining Ann Coulter's parade about John Roberts.

But Harriet Who? takes the cake.

Let's face it. GWB is a nice fellow, sincere, and just exactly what the Dimowits have been saying: kinda slow in the head. Politics he may know; but leadership? Not really.

Unfortunately for him, some poor schmeck from the Republican Party called to ask for money; fortunately for him, I didn't waste too much of his time while indicating my thoughts on that request.

$60 Billion in money for Katrina with no controls. A proposal to gut the Posse Comitatus Act. Another $250 Billion to "rebuild" Atlantis-by-the-Mississippi in the works. TWO Supreme nominations with no track record, one of which just happens to be female but otherwise not even close to qualified. McCain/Feingold. No Child Left Behind.

Screw him.

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