Monday, October 03, 2005

Immigration Deterioration

In a Congressional hearing last week, it was revealed that the CIS (Customs & Immigration Service) is working on resolving 2500 misconduct charges, including some "green-card-for-sex" items.

But that was the garden-variety problem.

"The thing that took most of the oxygen out of the room was the realization that there is the distinct possibility that people who have terrorist backgrounds have been able to obtain green cards because of a lack of ability to check their backgrounds," said one of the sources.

...The sources said the briefings touched on two areas in which CIS employees don't have access to needed information. Up to 1,300 of the 4,000 immigration adjudicators who are supposed to have access to the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS) database have been shut out of it. In some situations, the employees have failed to keep up their certification, while others haven't had the appropriate background checks to maintain access.

The briefings also covered reports of 1,400 cases in which applicants for entry have shown up on TECS as part of a national security investigation. The special group of adjudicators deciding those cases can tell there is an investigation, but lack credentials to find out what the investigation is about, the sources said.

Some are of the opinion that adding the President's new plan might be a bit burdensome for CIS.

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Mike said...

How do you feel about appointing politicals to lead critical government agencies? What was the effect of folding the INS into DHS? Are you aware that traditional civil service rules of accountablility for employees and protections from political pressure have been eliminated by the new personnel system adopted by DHS?