Saturday, May 05, 2018

Making Up New Laws

One of the hallmarks of the Left is their willingness to make stuff up, especially interpretations of law which cannot stand up to court scrutiny and which usually can't pass the smell-test of common sense, either.

We saw that in Wisconsin when Chisholm, Schmitz, and Falk made up legal theories to run their midnight/jackboot raids on Republicans.  At least FIVE courts, including SCOWI, threw out their ridiculous theory.

Here's the new one:

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) stated that the president used Michael Cohen as a “straw donor” to hide the source of the payment to Stormy Daniels, which is a violation of campaign finance law and a felony because the amount exceeded $25,000....

Unfortunately for this fellow 'Loony' Lieu, the law is very clear:  if there is any PERSONAL purpose for the money, it is NOT a 'campaign contribution.'  The PERSONAL purpose of the money in this case was simple:  preserve Trump's marriage and family.  (We'll see if that worked....)

Anyhow.  Loony Lieu's assertion is no different from asserting that speeding 20 miles over is "attempted murder", even though you did not hit anyone nor anything while speeding.  But you COULD have, you see.  So the wackdoodles Chisholm, Schmitz, Falk, and Lieu, will say.

Truth?  Who cares?

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