Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That "Church Music" Thing

We're aware that the Milwaukee Cathedral music program is pretty good.  Too bad that the Archdiocese doesn't have an iron-fisted Prussian 'church music' dictator like the one they have over in their education department.

And it's too bad that Abp. Listecki doesn't hold up this letter as something that WILL be required reading by pastors and their music staffers--and WILL be obeyed.  However, since the Archdiocesan priest who writes nasty letters to little old ladies is openly indifferent (if not hostile) to liturgical orthopraxis, let's not hold our breath.

There is a hierarchy in Catholicism; "education" is distinctly secondary to the Sacred Liturgy.

Except in Abp. Listecki's Archdiocese.

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