Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cdl. Dolan Gets It

We've expressed a number of reservations about Cdl. Dolan, principally surrounding his non-position on chemical abortifacients here in Wisconsin.

On matters somewhat less important, however, it seems that the Cardinal has a solid grasp of common sense, unlike the wombat gaggle quoted in this item.

Here's Dolan's statement:

“[T]he answer to problems with the free market is not to reject economic liberty in favor of government control. The church has consistently rejected coercive systems of socialism and collectivism, because they violate inherent human rights to economic freedom and private property. When properly regulated, a free market can certainly foster greater productivity and prosperity.

The key, of course, is "properly regulated."  But that doesn't bother the Socialist Simpaticos--all professors of some-wonky-or-other at "Catholic" colleges.

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