Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Post-Doc Studies in Wussiness: Boehner

Before McCarthy's article surfaced, it occurred to me that Boehner's strategy sucks.  Reduced to simple terms, Boehner has decided to run and tell teacher about the mean kid who hit him in the face.

McCarthy phrases it more elegantly:

...Under our system, in order to avoid having major public policy questions decided by the governmental branch that is not politically accountable to voters, the judiciary is limited to resolving concrete controversies — cases in which the party bringing the suit has actually been injured by a violation of law. Courts are thus prohibited from issuing advisory opinions: pronouncements that some course of conduct is or would be illegal. 

Yet, that appears to be exactly what the speaker will ask them to do.

It's merely a show for the lumpenproles who still think that being (R) means opposing Statism.

Conveniently for Cryin' John, McCarthy provides the REAL answer, too!

...Republican leadership does not see its “other options” as including the exercise of powers the Constitution gives Congress to stop executive lawlessness in its tracks, namely, cutting off the executive branch’s funding and impeaching executive branch officials who violate the law, carry out lawless policy, mislead lawmakers, stonewall investigations, and frustrate Congress’s constitutional oversight function.

Johnny Boy doesn't have the balls to do that.  Never did, never will.

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