Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Policies Are Just Dumb

Wiggy thinks ahead, unlike some policy-makers.

The worst new policy is the requirement that demonstrators will now be responsible for paying for the security of the event. Each guard is $50 per hour and the number of guards will supposedly be determined by the size of the event. isn’t hard to imagine some Department of Administration secretary or some governor suddenly finding it convenient to double the security necessary due to the “controversial” nature of some protest.

While it sounds like a fun idea to stick it (the bill) to the Recall Walker protesters now, what happens when it’s a Democratic administration making the decision? 

...Armed with the precedent of the Walker administration’s policies for events at the Capitol, some future governor might decide that an inconvenient political event should be unduly financially inconvenienced.
How much security will be required for an NRA demonstration? How much will Wisconsin Right to Life be charged if they hand out fliers in the Capitol?

Freedom of speech should not be available to only those with the financial backing necessary to overcome the capriciousness of some future governor.

I'll quibble with Wiggy over assigning blame for the mess to the Capitol Kops.  They report to somebody, and that somebody had a failure of nerve.

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Paul - Berry Laker said...

Wouldn't it be better, cheaper and a lot less problems if we just moved the capitol out of Madison?

Have a GREAT weekend.