Saturday, December 17, 2011

AGW "Model" Ain't Great--and Temps? No Big Deal

Nice little item here (chart at the link).

...Globally averaged, Earth’s atmosphere has warmed about 0.45 Celsius (about 0.82° F) during the almost one-third of a century that sensors aboard NOAA and NASA satellites have measured the temperature of oxygen molecules in the air.

This is at the lower end of computer model projections of how much the atmosphere should have warmed due to the effects of extra greenhouse gases since the first Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) went into service in Earth orbit in late November 1978, according to satellite data processed and archived at UAHuntsville’s ESSC.

While 0.45 degrees C of warming is noticeable in climate terms, it isn’t obvious that it represents an impending disaster,” said Christy. “The climate models produce some aspects of the weather reasonably well, but they have yet to demonstrate an ability to confidently predict climate change in upper air temperatures.”

.45 degrees C is equal to .82 degrees Fahrenheit, by the way.

No sweat.

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jimspice said...

CO2 re-introduction is increasing at a greater than linear rate, so that 1/2 degree in the past 33 years will likely mean more than 1/2 degree in the next, and even more in the ones after that, which puts us into the 2 degree range which scientists suggest will be debilitating. Glad to see you coming around.