Tuesday, December 06, 2011

PhotoShop v. Word: the New "Mars/Venus"

Well, it's a theory.

One theory has been that men use that extra brain volume to process three-dimensional spatial data. Out on the prehistoric savanna, being able to throw a spear accurately and find one’s way home after a long hunt had clear survival value, and the demand on men to do these things was a lot higher than the demand on women. Hence, a sex difference in spatial abilities evolved, but one that would not necessarily translate into a sex difference in the overall general mental ability g.

... if you are a photographer and manipulate large images on Photoshop, you need a lot faster chip and more memory than if you are a writer and using only Microsoft Word. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the cognitive complexity of the different tasks. Again very roughly: Men tend to be better at certain spatial tasks, which require a lot of neurons; women tend to be better at verbal tasks, which require fewer neurons.

So the new pickup line:  "I'm super-neuronic, babe!"

Kinda sucks for cachet.

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