Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Landgraf Weasel-ing

In the "no surprises" category, we learn that prosecution--or not--is now the politics of the Hard Left.  Sorta like the observation that war is diplomacy by other means.

No charges will be brought against two groups that were accused of election law violations in the run-up to the August recall election of Sen. Alberta Darling...

Two groups?

Wisconsin Right to Life gave campaign workers $25 gift cards for every 15 voters sympathetic to the anti-abortion cause that were enlisted for absentee voting.

Which does NOT fall under the statute.  Not by a long shot.

Wisconsin Jobs Now, a community and labor group, held five block parties on the northwest side of Milwaukee. They provided food, prizes and a lift to Milwaukee City Hall where voters could cast absentee ballots.

Now get this:

Landgraf said he was influenced by the fact that both groups were acting in good faith to maximize voter participation.

“Put another way, there was no evidence that these groups were acting in bad faith or with motives suggesting any form of corruption,” he wrote.

So.  Providing food, prizes, and a free ride to the voting booth FOR VOTERS while "acting in good faith" is not a violation.  Providing prizes to NON-VOTERS is not in violation.  Anyone can tell that there is no difference between the two, right?

So when I'm apprehended doing 65MPH in a 30MPH zone, but 'without motives suggesting any form of intent', s'pose Landgraf will do the Weasel?

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Jim said...

I don't know what is or should be a violation and what is not.

However, there is a clear difference between the two. One rewards (bribes?) people for voting and the other rewards people for recruiting voters. If the latter were a violation, you could never get kids to volunteer to pass out hand bills door to door and feed them pizza on their break.