Tuesday, December 06, 2011

PBS Fundraisers

While I'm not sold on Gummint TV or Radio in principle, they do good stuff.

Last night, WMVS aired a bunch of really crackerjack singing from Straight, No Chaser--a group of 10 men who use the Four Freshmen formula (tight and sophisticated harmony), along with some light dance routines to deliver stunning results.  Unlike the Freshmen, they have excellent sound equipment, which allows them to serve as the rhythm-and-bass instruments, too.

If you missed it, you'll prolly be able to see it again.

Or if you go to the link above, you can get a bit of their routine.  It's worth the time.  Or just go here.

What I'd really like them to do?  Stuff from the Great American Songbook, covering an album by the Robert Shaw Men's Chorus called "With Love From a Chorus."

THAT would be awesome, as the kiddies say.

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