Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Buying Senate Seats Ain't Just for the Rich

The Left-o-Wonzies have done their best to paint Sen. Ron Johnson with a stink-brush for having spent his own money to become a United States Senator.

(They were considerably less noisy about Herb Kohl, of course.  He spend GOOD money.  RoJo spent BAD money.  See??)

Now it turns out that--for Democrats--one doesn't have to be wealthy to buy a Senate seat.

...The toothless OCE found “probable cause” and “substantial reason to believe” that not only did Jackson conspire to trade campaign cash for the Senate appointment, but that Jackson also broke the law by using taxpayer-subsidized office resources to promote a “public campaign” for Barack Obama’s old seat.

The Office of Congressional Ethics issued the report.  So--at least on paper--Congress HAS 'ethics.'

HT:  Malkin

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