Friday, December 02, 2011

The Counter-Thesis: Islam Destroyed the West

Long-ish essay about a book which claims that the West (i.e., Roman civilization) died at the hand of Islam, not of internal dissolution.


It's not hard to come up with the theo/philosophical support for that position, given what we know about Islam.  Benedict XVI made it very clear at Regensburg.

Now the historians catch up.


Anonymous said...

The book puts forth a position. It is NOT the "definitive" truth, but a version that MAY be considered. Islam COULD have destroyed Roman Civilization. Just because YOU think it is a fact does not make it so.
Considering the author is writing from a Judeo-Christian slant, his conclusions are not surprising.

Dad29 said...

Given that Roman civ was (almost) entirely subsumed by Christian civ, you're right: it is NOT surprising.

And given what we know of Islam's theo/philosophical problems post the death of Avicenna, the theory makes sense.