Friday, December 02, 2011

$15K for Seat Belt Cops?

Somebody has to be kidding.

To help keep the holiday season safe and prevent injury or fatal crashes, Town of Brookfield Police will increase patrols in December to arrest drunken drivers and enforce seat belt laws.

... The increased patrols are funded in part by a $15,000 grant the town received from the Wisconsin DOT's Bureau of Transportation Safety to combat speeding through September 2012

... "The Police Department's goal is not to make more drunken driving arrests or write more safety belt tickets," Perket said in a news release. "We are striving to save lives and prevent injuries, so we hope that people will voluntarily decide to buckle up and drive sober. But if they don’t, our intensified enforcement will increase the risks of getting caught.

"...funded in part"?  That means that the Town of Brookfield has to pick up the balance, whatever it is.

Meaning that our Leviathan State's anile seat-belt law will generate the revenues the Town needs for the overtime.


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Saint Revolution said...

Gee, ChristmasTime.

When EVERYONE seems to need more money to feed their "Christ-Is-Not-The-Reason-For-The-Season" screwed-up priorities, mentality, ethics, morality, and materialism.

How UTTERLY coincidental our already grotesquely overcompensated paramilitaristic pigs-in-blue are getting more taxpayer-provided overtime at this time of year. They must all be in the market for their new Christmas Cadiallac Escalades.

All for the heinous rebellious domestic terrorism act of choosing not to wear a safety belt IN MY CAR, DRIVING ON MY TAXPAYER PAID ROADS, BEING WATCHED (OPPRESSED) BY MY TAXPAYER PAID EMPLOYEES THE CIVIL SERVANT CORRUPT FUZZ-SLIME.

"To Serve And Protect" LITERALLY means "to serve" their totalitarianistic and paramilitaristic empire while "protecting" their complete remuneration thievery process.