Thursday, November 03, 2011

Stupid Republican Tricks

There are some things which (R) Congresscritters simply should not do.

Affirming the national motto is one of them. 

For openers, it IS the national motto. Never changed.

Crap like this affirms the TEA Party's understanding:  few of these bozos are actually serious.  They're pandering slimebuckets (like Mitt Romney.)


Anonymous said...

Most of the Republicans are slimebuckets who know little about limited government. That's why I'm about to mail my first check to Ron Paul. I am done with the Republican establishment and am even done with those who have claimed to be conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Now, see Dad29, that's what true conservatives ought to do. Rather than vote for Romney in 2012 as the "lesser of two evils", lend support to men and women who espouse limited government. Get someone to run in the primaries against (R)'s who do not "measure up".
That's where the revolution starts!

Say NO to the Ruling Class and the Establishment!


Anonymous said...

Huntsman's your best bet. The sooner you cycle through the rest of these nutjobs, the quicker the big money can flow to a legitimate candidate. In the meantime, undecideds are rapidly drawing the conclusion the (R) party has gone insane.