Monday, November 07, 2011

Speaking of the Lobbyist/Government Complex...

Ike was right, but only partially so.  There is a military-industrial complex, but it is hardly the only one sucking the blood of Americans.

...The Democratic staffer who was Nancy Pelosi's messaging guru during the health care debate is now working for a group led by [The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the health-insurance lobby...--Carney quoting Politico

Not exactly an isolated incident.

...Pelosi health-care aide Arshi Siddiqui was one of the first ObamaCare authors to cash out to K Street, jumping to Akin Gump (whose clients include AHIP and Pfizer). You would also know that Amy Rosenbaum, Policy Coordinator for Nancy Pelosi, is married to a health-care lobbyist at Glover Park Group.

Follow the damn money.


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