Monday, November 07, 2011

Now Cain Has a Problem

With the first three noises--reported by Politico in a peculiarly fact-free fashion--what we heard was, basically, nothing.

The Chicago woman, however, presents a very specific account of what could be sexual assault (prolly 4th degree), but it's an assault, assuming what she said is absolutely true.

Not good.


Mr. Tastic said...

If I had to guess, rather than bowing out, he'll go down in flames. Even though I think it's a "lynching," there must be some semblance of truth. No?

Hopefully he bows out gracefully and throws his weight behind Ron Paul. Then, Palin does the same and we actually have the right man for the job.

I would take Newt but at this point in time, Paul has the answers.

Dad29 said...

I think it will be Perry.

Paul cannot get more than 10%; Romney-crat can't pull more than 25.

Mr. Tastic said...

I guess I would settle for Perry, especially over Romney. I would love a Paul ticket; not sure why, but I think he's the man.

Choices in order



Anonymous said...

In a year the incumbent is so vulnerable, this is the best the pubbies can muster? God help us.

Buy more ammo.