Friday, November 04, 2011

"Improved" Job Market, Huh?

Here's the reporting:

The American job market improved modestly in October, and economists looking deeper into the numbers found real reasons for optimism -- or at least what counts for optimism in this agonizingly slow economic recovery.The nation added 80,000 jobs. That was fewer than the 100,000 that economists expected, but it was the 13th consecutive month of job gains.  --AP

The rest of the story?  The economy has to generate 110,000 jobs/month to absorb all the workers coming onstream--not to mention those who are un/underemployed.


jimspice said...

Are the WI numbers out yet?

Saint Revolution said...

...and, c'mon...

How many of these "jobs" are temporary HoliDay backend infrastructure "ramp-up" hirings?

Warehouses at retailers need to ready HoliDay shipments. UPS and FedEx are already hiring.

Even some retailers are already beginning the frontend temporary hirings for the HoliDays.


...and what are the January '12 numbers going to reflect?

I mean, c'mon...let's cut the crap.

Where are the REAL jobs?
Where is REAL job growth?

Oh, yeah...

..."all we need is another $400Bn to hire more teachers, fire, police, and civil service [thieves]" said the affirmative action token in The White House.

Oh, yeah...I forgot.

Saint Revolution said...

Proof for the doubters (like devil's advocates Deprav-ed, Zero, and AnonyWous):

...retailers are expected to hire...480,000 to 500,000 seasonal workers this year...

Hiring For The Holidays

...the retail sector plans to add about 600,000 seasonal staffers between October and early January...

See, guys...this is what adult bloggers do...back up their statements with REAL facts...

Anonymous said...

CNNMoney,, and AOL.

Real. Powerful. Sources.

For someone who touts being "Alpha Male" and "genius IQ", you link to sources that presents common knowledge. Why would I even contest these well-known trends?

The ADULT blogger would summarize the sources in an analytical fashion. You know, provide insight. Something unique for us "thieves".

Let's get real for a moment. We all know that a Republican president (or a governor from a certain state) would tout these figures as "evidence" that our economy is showing signs of recovery due to their policies...and that Democrats would make outlandish counterclaims.

It's all a matter of spin! That is the ADULT perspective.


Anonymous said...

Gummint doesn't create jobs. So who are your questions directed at, Saint Revo? Are you blogging from OWS?

J. Strupp said...

Tell that to the folks working at Oshkosh Truck. Or the millions of other people employed by private corporations deriving much of their sales from Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

Be quiet, Josh.


Saint Revolution said...


So you now identify yourself as one of the (un)civil servants stealing from us taxpayers. Your past blogging responses now make complete sense...well, your blog responses don't make sense and are still nonsense but why you respond the way you do now comes clear...

Hey, BrainChild. How powerful of a source do you need to get some simple Christmas hiring numbers?!

What summarize? Summarize what? It's all summarized in the articles. What...can't you read simple numbers? Who needs to summarize? It's all right there...

Typical public sector fool making things much more complicated than they need to be.

By the way, Zero, you don't even realize you're AGREEING with me.

Here's the summary: the numbers are bullshit and we now won't have any real unemployment numbers story until we see the January 2012 numbers...that is, if you actually believe these bullshit government numbers anyways. These government fools actually think we believe employment is getting better because of a bunch of part-time Christmas jobs with no benefits and ridiculously low wages.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: Anonymous 11/05/2011 1:15 AM:

Saint Revo?!
OWS (versus Occupy Wall Street)?!

Reads like Dad29 himself under anonymity.

Government doesn't create jobs?!

Who's high here?!

Government does not produce anything nor add to GDP but they sure the hell create jobs. As a taxpayer and homeowner I sure the hell know they're creating jobs.

The rhetorical questions address true lack of political policy helping anyone except government.

The numbers are bullshit.
The economy getting better is bullshit.

...and I have NO idea what the connective reference to me and Occupy Wall Street is.

Somebody's got the deductive reasoning of algae.

neomom said...

Strupp - if up to the Democrats and OWS (and a good number of PaulBots), all those folks at Oshkosh Trucks would be SOL as all defense spending is slashed.

Saint Revolution (a PaulBot company) said...

PaulBots in the same context as Democrats and OWS?

I guess some believe corrupt illegal government corporatocratic war profiteering should just blindly continue...

I don't's your wallet, too.

On Ron.

And on with Isolationism.

I am f*cking fed up with paying for the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

We have a Zorro impersonator. The 1:42 p.m. is NOT me!

"So you now identify yourself as one of the (un)civil servants stealing from us taxpayers."

Just pulling your chain. St. Revo. Just wind you up and let you go!

"By the way, Zero, you don't even realize you're AGREEING with me."

We are on the same page on this matter.

The Real Zorro

neomom said...

You do realize Zorro that you can create a google account with a pseudonym and avoid imposters right?

And StR - complete isolationism doesn't stop war... See the late 1930s please for exhibit A. Leaving the nation vulnerable is folly. Nor does saving Muslims make them like us - see Bosnia, Kuwait, and Indonesia for exhibits B, C, & D.

Anonymous said...

Neomom-Sure, I could do that, but it won't stop the deranged imposters.

Saint Revolution said...

C'mon, Zorro. Nobody's yanking anything here.

One word...Whitnall.

A wolfhound on the hunt never loses the scent.

The only chains I see here are the shackles of tax slavery supporting criminal public sector salaries/benefits/pensions/unions.

Like yours'.