Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research? Dead, Dead, Dead

We used the rhetorical thrice (above) for a few different reasons.

Geron Corporation was the big hope for embryonic-stem-cell research. After years of promises, its first-ever human trial using an embryonic-stem-cell-derived product for acute spinal-cord injury made huge headlines internationally. But now, the Washington Post is reporting that Geron has abandoned the field altogether.--CMR quoting Smith/Corner

In contrast, we see this:

I would like to express the Holy See’s appreciation of all the work that is done, by various institutions, to promote cultural and formative initiatives aimed at supporting top-level scientific research on adult stem cells and exploring the cultural, ethical and anthropological implications of their use.--Benedict XVI, quoted at Al's place

The Pope and the Vatican are perfectly comfortable with ADULT stem-cell research.

God is not pleased with EMBRYONIC stem-cell research.

Those are the take-aways.


Anonymous said...

Actions speak Louder than words.....


"No Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research "

HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS BEFORE THE US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES May 24, 2005 No Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research

Mr. Speaker, the issue of government funding of embryonic stem cell research is one of the most divisive matters facing the country. While I sympathize with those who see embryonic stem cell research as a path to cures for dreadful diseases that have stricken so many Americans, I strongly object to forcing those Americans who believe embryonic stem cell research is immoral to subsidize such research with their tax dollars.

The question that should concern Congress today is: Does the US government have the constitutional authority to fund any form of stem cell research? The clear answer to that question is no. A proper constitutional position would reject federal funding for stem cell research, while allowing individual states and private citizens to decide whether to permit, ban, or fund this research. Therefore, I must vote against HR 810....... (Read more at the Link)

Badger Catholic said...

How can people continue to ignore the scientific evidence on this is beyond me.

GOR said...

While I certainly support the moral argument against embryonic stem-cell use, I think arguing that it has not shown tangible results is the wrong tack to take. Whether it shows promise or not is not the issue. It is morally wrong in se - even if it helped cure all kinds of diseases.

Just as direct abortion is always morally wrong, regardless of the circumstances of the impregnation, e.g. rape or incest. Evil is not to be done in order to produce some ‘good’. There may be economic reasons to not promote a process which has not shown results, but there is always a moral reason to not promote an immoral process, regardless of whether it shows results or not.

Anonymous said...

"God is not pleased with EMBRYONIC stem-cell research."

It's likely He isn't happy with much of your vitriolic commentary. So?