Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amazing Statistic

Mish has a mid-length essay on retail store closings (Lowe's) and sundry other stuff.

This excerpt is absolutely astounding:

Per Capita Retail Space Comparison
  • US 46.6 square feet
  • India 2.0 square feet
  • Mexico 1.5 square feet
  • UK 23.0 square feet
  • Canada 13.0 square feet
  • Australia 6.5 square feet
Maybe there are some bankers who should know that before they finance retail store build/acquires, eh?


1 comment:

GOR said...

Well Dad, US retail stores might not need 46+ sq. ft. of space if they would stop cluttering up the aisles with 'specials' and 'one-off' deals plonked in the middle of them!