Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yup. It's Madistan.

Don't try this at home.  They're 3 of around 50 Madistan-area polyamory practitioners. 

Phil and his wife Katie live in a cozy, blue, two-story colonial in a newer subdivision on Madison's west side. There's a wreath on the front door, a Dodge minivan in the drive and kids' snow boots on the stoop-—the sheen of mid-America normalcy is everywhere, right down to "The Simpsons," which I can faintly see through the sheers as I trudge up the front walk. 

Soon after I arrive, Phil's lover, Grace, pulls in the drive, and Phil, who has been nursing a beer by the fire with his wife, calls out, "Hey, honey!" Phil and Katie's two young sons follow suit, turning away from the tube to chirp hellos to their father's girlfriend.

I don't know if my wifie would use one of those knives in the kitchen or one of the guns.  Or both.  Or maybe all of the guns AND all of the knives.  In that instance, sequencing is important, for about 90 seconds or so.

HT:  Althouse


Deekaman said... second wife didn't think that s**t's funny and I'm certain my third wouldn't either.


Dan said...

Hell, in Vegas, they have a tV show, Sister Wives, about people like this. They missed their calling.
Wonder if they are Mormon?

Badger Catholic said...

Marriage opponents are invoking polygamists in homes of normalizing gay marriage.

Grim said...

Concrete examples are a good thing. Bring it up when we get to Aquinas -- that will probably be the last post on the subject.

Saint Revolution said...

Hell is a very real destination for many...