Friday, October 07, 2011

"Tyrants in Sheeps' Clothing....."

Nice summary of Democrat assholes in action:

One of the aspects of Obamacare which made Americans so angry was the process during which Democrats ramrodded, steamrolled, "deemed and passed", and generally bullied their way to passing Barack Obama's signature achievement. It was an exercise in tyranny which had probably drifted from many people's minds. Reid's maneuver will remind Americans that congressional Democrats have zero respect for rule, law, ethics, or precedent if they impede the passage of their desired legislation. This isn't a surprise for the party of Woodrow Wilson, a man who held the United States Constitution with utter disdain as preventing him from putting government in charge of...well, pretty much everything. But it serves as a great reminder to the American people of just what Progressives reallly are, namely tyrants in sheeps' clothing.

The 'rule of law' exposed for what it really is:  the rule of jackasses.

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Billiam said...

I've believed for years that the Democrats have more tyranny potential than the Republicans. The Republicans are inept. The Democrats continually try to prove me correct.