Sunday, October 02, 2011

Steyn on Our Statist-in-Chief

Good graf here:

Hard statism is usually murmured in soft, soothing, beguiling terms: Regulation is about cleaner air, healthier restaurants, safer children’s toys. Sounds so nice. But federal regulation alone sucks up 10 percent of GDP. That’s to say, Americans take the equivalent of the Canadian economy and toss it down the toilet just in complying with federal paperwork. Obama and the great toxic alphabet soup of federal regulation — EPA, OSHA, SEC, DHSS — want to take that 10 percent and crank it up to 12, 14, 15 percent.

And if those soft, beguiling terms need Big Lies to support them, there's plenty of precedent showing that that succeeds, too.  For a while.  The Russians only had to endure starvation, killings, and State brutality for 100 years or so.

It was "for the chillllrren."  Some of those chillllllren will never stop cursing their parents.

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