Saturday, October 08, 2011

Solyndra Gets Even Worse

Verum is a sharp observer.

That political hack, Spinner?  That's just an emotional bait.  The innnerlekshul stinker is here:

...a top Treasury official wrote to the White House to make clear that the decision to restructure the deal did not have Treasury or Justice Department approval — despite early suggestions that approval from both agencies may be required.

“To our knowledge, that has never happened,” wrote Mary J. Miller, Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial markets. “While I expect that DOE has a view about why loan subordination can occur without DOJ approval or Treasury consultation, I wanted to correct any impression that we have acquiesced in the steps to date.” ---Verum quoting ABC News

It's in writing.  Neither Treasury nor Justice 'approved' of the re-structuring--and Treasury clearly thinks that such approval MUST be obtained before Energy did the re-structure.

Now we have not just "Big Gummint feeding its pals"--but doing so illegally.

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