Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Senate "Conservatives"? Cornyn, Ensign, Off the Reservation

Earlier we mentioned that the Wisconsin Legislature is enshrining ObamaCare here--while the Wisconsin AG fights to have ObamaCare tossed at SCOTUS.

Now it turns out that US Senate "conservatives" are also perfectly happy with Big Gummint inanities.

On the upside, the bill would repeal the Obama administration’s two most aggressive assaults on the Constitution — Obamacare and Dodd-Frank — and “require congressional approval by joint resolution of any federal rule that would cost the economy $100 million or more.” If they left it at that, Senate Republicans would be making significant improvements to the nation’s economic climate while vindicating important constitutional limitations on the national government’s power.

Unfortunately, the bill would also enact S.197, “The Medical Care Access Protection Act.” Among other things, S.197 sets a statute of limitations for claims, caps damages and creates standards for expert witnesses. These may sound like great ideas, but they are not within the constitutional powers granted to the federal government for the very same reasons Obamacare is not.

Apparently the Senators want to establish national standards for trial-lawyering, which would (perhaps) eliminate the Mississippi/Louisiana 'Get Rich Here' damages trials.

So to do it, the "conservatives" just take a sledge to the Constitution?

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Dan said...

Umm, Ensign has not been in the Senate for about a year.

steveegg said...

The problem is that it implements it on the state courts. Had it simply applied to suits filed in federal court, it would be a good thing.