Friday, October 07, 2011

Romney and Scott Brown

Romney is the current (R) Anointed One.

But he has a challenge to overcome; as Jon Stewart put it, his mission is to 'convince Republicans that he is actually a Republican.'

Here's what happens if he doesn't:

“Scott Brown has disappointed us a few times,” Carlos Hernandez, state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, told TheDC. “So are we going to go out there and hold signs for him everyday? I don’t think so.”  --Hot Air quoting Daily Caller

Same sentiments at CNS.

The Republican Party bigwigs, including key funders on Wall Street, are throwing their support to him  [but]:
....Mitt Romney suffers from an enthusiasm gap. He seems to be everybody's second choice. He is few people's first choice. And that is a major problem for him. People pound the pavement for their favorite candidates. They work phone banks for their favorite candidates. They vote for their second favorite candidates — but they don't work for them.

Granted:  a chipmunk will be better for the country than Obozo.

So Romney's a step up from a chipmunk.

Who cares?


neomom said...

Was just discussing this exact thing with the spousal unit today. I'll vote for any of the GOP candidates over Obama, but if it is Romney.. I'll pull the lever, but that's all he'll get. Zero money, zero advocating, zero signage...

In that same vein - the Hermanator's love affair with Romney is also making me squeamish... needs further investigation.

Anonymous said...

"I'll vote for any of the GOP candidates over Obama...if it is Romney, I'll pull the lever, but that's all he'll get"

How noble in preserving your principles! The "anything is better than X" philosophy certainly works wonders for our democracy!

neomom said...

Let me put it more clearly for our meaning-challenged Anony...

I agree with Obama and his principles about 1%....

I agree with Romney about 60%.

Not enthusiastic, but a helluva lot closer.

Anonymous said...

You and I know that 60% is an inflated number (you've got to maintain your street cred, I understand). Especially since it has been previously pointed out that no one really knows what Romney stands for based on his waffling!