Friday, October 07, 2011

"Occupy" and "TEA Party" Do Have Similarities

A Libertarian wrote an actual news story from the protest-site in NYC.  (Quoted at Hit & Run)

Here's a part which I'll connect to another part shortly:

...In many ways, the press treats this protest the way they treated the Tea Party, completely distorting the story. Journalists ignored the mainstream of the Tea Party and instead focused on the fringe. Instead of showing the hundreds of signs calling for smaller government, reporters instead focused on the one sign showing Obama as Hitler. In the end, this reporting became self-fulfilling. The Republican fringe disaffected with the establishment were convinced by this reporting, believing that they, too, should join the Tea Party, thus derailing it....

Got that?  Journalists who didn't actually do 'journalism'--substituting "the narrative" instead--caused a problem.


...I mention the racial makeup [largely white] for a specific reason. The Tea Party was also predominantly white, which was frequently reported in the news, despite the fact that guidelines tell reporters to avoid mentioning race when it’s not relevant. They nonetheless reported it because it fit the narrative they wanted to tell about the Tea Party (that it has a racist component). In much the same way, they don’t mention the racial makeup of the Occupation because it doesn’t fit their narrative....

Since Big Labor (and the other Usual Suspects) are now suddenly joining the "Occupy" movement, will they 'derail' it as did the Pubbies with their belated joining of the TEA Party?

Althouse finds differences between the WI protests and "Occupy."


TerryN said...

Nancy Pelosi, who says her wealth is pristine to exempt herself as a target of Occupy, is supporting what only a non-US media outlet will report on.

I'm gettin' real tired of liars in positions of power.

Dad29 said...

The protesters who are unhappy with BiGGummint/BigBiz games are well in line with original TEA Party sentiments.

Some others--as you point out--are NOT in line with TEA Party sentiments.

Search "Carney" on my blog for hundreds of examples of 'almost-corruption'.