Saturday, October 15, 2011

More "Protest THIS!" for OWS and TEA Party Americans

Erickson on the OWS v. TEA Party, which have important common grounds:

...that has very little to do with the rich blocking people from getting there. It has pretty much everything with the government. And that is the fundamental difference between the occupiers and the tea party movement.

Both are opposed to TARP. Both are opposed to bailouts. But the rabid occupiers want more government and the tea party wants less government. The occupiers think only the government can solve the problem and the tae party thinks a free market can solve the problem.

“But wait,” they say, “the market is not free.” And they are right. But the solution should be to free up the market, not shackle it or nationalize it.

...The point to all of this is that a Republican candidate can run against Wall Street, though probably not Mitt Romney. A Republican can run on a very simple message — in this country we should all be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, but government and big business have gotten in the way[This is something that Paul Ryan understands very well, by the way.]

Government added more and more regulations and complications all the way down to the local level. Big business then used its money to go hire lobbyists to go to Washington to carve out loopholes to benefit themselves. The rest of us are unable to compete.

So.  Which Pubbie has the cojones?

ADDED:  Need more proof of the Corporatocracy Theory?  Go to Ticker's devastating rant.

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