Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MICAH: The Usual Suspects

MICAH is an Alinskyite/ACORN 'community organizing' bunch.  The JS announces that it will 'join' "Occupy Milwaukee."

Despite the rabid anti-religionism of Alinsky, who dedicated his most famous book to Satan, some Catholics cannot resist the siren-call of "social justice" (an utterly meaningless term.)

Like who?

Fr. R. Aiken and Fr. V. Kobida, that's who--respectively, pastors of St Sebastian's (where Tom Barrett is a member) and St Margaret Mary.

This is only one of Abp. Listecki's crosses....

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GOR said...

"Fr. R. Aiken and Fr. V. Kobida..."

...and both are members of MAPA. Why am I not surprised?