Monday, October 10, 2011

Madison Acts on "Ministry of the Blood". Will Milwaukee??

BoomBah!  The indult expired; it's over with in Madison.

...In the last couple of decades, Communion under both species (with the congregation able to receive the Pre-cious Blood as well as the Sacred Host) has become routine in our experience. I knew (as many of you do) that Communion under both species was first introduced, on a limited basis, after the Second Vatican Council, and that it has become much more common since. What I did not know was that the widespread American practice of offering both species at most Sunday Masses began here under an indult (special permission) given by the Vatican in 1975, which expired in 2005

...So, all over the United States, we now find ourselves needing to bring our practice into conformity with current regulations (and with the rest of the world). In his comments at Chula Vista, Bishop Morlino mentioned a few instances in which Communion under both kinds is still permitted: the Chrism Mass, the Feast of Corpus Christi, for the bride and groom at a Nuptial Mass, and for those so allergic to wheat that they cannot tolerate even low-gluten hosts. Beyond those occasions and circumstances, Communion can be offered under both species at celebrations of special importance. But it is clear that we will not be seeing Communion under both species as a weekly practice.  --Badger quoting FrZ

That letter from Mgr K Holmes, rector of the Cathedral in Madison.  Looks like it's going to phase out starting 1 Advent.

The flocks of "ministers" (and minister-ettes) in some Milwaukee parishes is almost 10% of the entire congregation; the traffic near-requires a cop to keep them all orderly.

About time it ends here, too.


Mr. Tastic said...

But what will the 17 "Eucharistic Ministers" do at each Mass?

Dad29 said...

One would hope they'll receive Communion worthily and pray for an end to the Obozo Regime.

Badger Catholic said...

At Cathedral in La Crosse, I've seen people jogging up the isle because getting out of the pews takes longer than actually walking up and receiving.

Terrence Berres said...

Isn't the title Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (EME)? Which somehow brings to mind Kaempfert and Gabler,

"...very, very extraordinary,
E is even more than anyone that you adore..."

Grim said...

Please explain the controversy to me, my friend; is this about the practicality of Mass, or about the authority of the Vatican, or is it about theology in some way? I have read your writing about it, but I'm not sure exactly what is at issue.

Dad29 said...

Brief and not nuanced:

The Church teaches that each species (bread and wine), after the consecration, is the entire body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ.

Some had argued that it is more--whatever-- that both the consecrated bread and wine (body and blood) be given at communion. It was sort of a literalist argument. But it also allowed for the thinking that the (consecrated) host was ONLY the Body and the (consecrated) wine was ONLY the Blood.

IOW, the practice could lead to inaccurate thought. Therefore, the practice should be stopped.

(There were practical problems, too, with the cast of dozens usually required for all this distributing.)

Amy said...

(There were practical problems, too, with the cast of dozens usually required for all this distributing.)

This is also part of the issue, I think. Dozens of people lining up on the altar to distribute also lead to a...lax...view of the Eucharist in general (in my opinion) what with laity doing things like washing out chalices, etc.

GOR said...

Actually Terrence, the current term (unless it has changed again…) is Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC). But yes, they’re quite ‘extraordinary’ and extraordinarily numerous in most parishes, regardless of the number of communicants.

I think they and Communion Under Both Species should be done away with, except on special and rare occasions as was the original intent – like Ordinations and Marriages, for example. If it were up to me – which of course it isn’t – I would not allow Communion Under Both Species unless there were sufficient Ordinary Ministers present to accommodate it.

Dad29 said...

unless there were sufficient Ordinary Ministers present

Yah, well, pray for vocations.