Friday, October 14, 2011

LEO Quotas, Again

You'd think that the LEO's would get it, but they don't.  So a NYC copper says that the practice of 'flaking'--planting coke on innocent folks and then arresting them--is "widespread".

Hot Air comments:

The first impulse is to blame this on the war on drugs, and claim that a repeal of prohibition will end these practices.  They certainly will in narcotics enforcement, but I’m not so sure that the root cause of this is the war on drugs.  This quota-driven approach to law enforcement isn’t just limited to drug laws, and it represents a kind of corruption that’s even harder to find and extinguish than graft

Agreed.  Another way to look at it is this:  there are way too many LEO's on the street, and the chief has to justify his budget somehow.  Meantime, the trust -factor just dropped like a rock.

Smooth move.


Saint Revolution said...

I have a neighbour who is a cop for a suburb (not even a big city). He has five kids, a NON-WORKING wife (she works for free right now in the school district...she is hoping to get a school district public sector job...surprise, surprise!), he owns/drives two late model Cadillac Escalades and a third late model Cadillac sedan, he owns five total cars, an early '70's classic car, a two story house worth over $300,000.00, and he and his wife and his kids are all massively overweight...all of it (including their fat) paid for by your and my tax dollars. His property taxes alone are over $5,000.00/year.

...all right out in the open for the whole world to see!!

They don't give a f*ck any more who knows or blows about their corruption.

They don't even try to hide it any more.

...and there's not something funny going on with our cops and our governments...?!?!

Anonymous said...

So is Walker NOT going after the police and fire benefits???


Saint Revolution said...

View my comment:

Walker NEVER addressed at least four revenue sucking "pig troughs" that should have been and still need to be completely curtailed:

public sector SALARIES are still COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL and should be SLASHED by up to as much as 90% ACROSS-THE-BOARD, depending upon the job...NO public sector worker should EVER be making more than ~$35,000.00/year to, AT MOST, ~$40,000.00/year of taxpayer "handouts"; BLOATED PUBLIC SECTOR SALARIES IN ALL AREAS (COPS, FIREMEN, TEACHERS, PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS, POLITICIANS, ETC.) MUST BE ADDRESSED AND SLASHED ACROSS-THE-BOARD!;

RETIREMENT PERCENTAGES are OUT OF CONTRL; this is the percentage of a public sector worker's salary that they receive in retirement; these percentages were NOT addressed by Walker and MUST be, again, SLASHED ACROSS-THE-BOARD...these civil service parasitic thieves are retiring at more than private sector workers and, in some cases, are pulling down more in retirement than their compatriots whom are still working in "like-kind-and-quality" public sector jobs; Remember: You cut the salaries and, even if these "pigs" retain 100% retirement percentage, 100% of $35K or $40K is still only $35K or $40K.

the f**king paramilitary out of control cops and firemen were left UNTOUCHED by adjustments to salary, pension, retirement, benefits...NOTHING...these arrogant bastards need to be remunerated according to parity...if they don't like it, take your badge're simply hiding behind it anyways, you fat pigs...there are plenty of people willing to do a RIGHTEOUS job as cop for HALF of what you bastard thieves are stealing from the taxpayers...;

the COMPLETE NEPOTISM in government hiring even unto the local municipal levels...


We do NOT have to lose the LEVEL of local services; all we need to lose, reign in, and curtail is the BLOATED COSTS of those local services...municipal services DO NOT NEED TO COST AS MUCH AS THEY DO.

Municipalities and education boards are our enemies. They will ALWAYS try and find a f**ked up reason to raise property taxes. It is the LOWERING of the costs of services that we need, NOT the raising of levies and taxes.

As in Washington, complete bloated spending at the local levels MUST END!!!

Again, public sector thieves.

Saint Revolution said...

Remember...Walker, in the end, is a public sector "salary taker" and eventual public sector retiree himself.

This "conflict of interest" is, at the very least, something to remain cognizant of.

...and I support always, with a perpetual watchful eye...

Anonymous said...

"NO public sector worker should EVER be making more than ~$35,000.00/year to, AT MOST, ~$40,000.00/year of taxpayer "handouts"".

That is HILARIOUS! A sure fire way to destroy the middle class in our country. Who in the world is going to become a public servant--firefighter, police officer, teacher, social worker--if that salary is cast in stone?

Good luck!

"We do NOT have to lose the LEVEL of local services."

What a wonderful world you must live in!

"And I support always, with a perpetual watchful eye".

I get it. He serves a useful purpose now, and when he is no longer needed--BAM--he's out to pasture.